Health and Fitness8 Different Types of Athletic Shoes for Men 

8 Different Types of Athletic Shoes for Men 

Most sports are in contact with the ground. Knowing the footwear, the friction of the feet on the ground, and the type of material athletic shoes for men are key factors in improving performance. A list of the best mens shoes to wear for any corresponding sport. 

1. Running Shoes

The comfort of each step must depend on the running shoe and which purpose it must serve. 


It aims to evoke the feeling of running barefoot. Lightweight has a thin sole and no extra cushioning in the shoe dimensions. The shoe is made so that the toes can spread naturally. The sole is flat, and the toe box is open so the toes can spread out.


These are typical running shoes. The soles are also dropped to avoid overpronating. The shoe heel is cushioned yet light. Ideal for daily running.


These running shoes are for those with moderate overpronation. Support is not offered to the feet because of a lack of heel cushion, with a slimmer mid part of the shoe.

Motion Control

These are ideal for supporting heavy weight, flat feet, or severe overpronation. The feet’ arch is raised with thick foam in the sole, leaving the heel dropping. The purpose of this running shoe is to mold the feet into the proper position in every step, especially for runners with the said foot problems. 

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2. Trail Shoes

These are designed for running off-road and on uneven surfaces. It is for heavy-duty trails in the mountains and forest areas, typically heavier than running shoes but lighter than common boots. Deeper slats provide stability in every step of the rocky path. The material is also high-tech, with enduring fabrics to last tough terrain.

3. Cross Trainers

Any athlete can use cross-training shoes for cardio to immobile workouts like weightlifting and other sports. These are Built for any hybrid workouts or multiple shoes. These shoes can help with different types of training. 

4. Walking Shoes

The aim of walking shoes is good foot posture and arch, shock absorption, and comfortable tread. The dimensions of these must be supportive of the heel and sole. 

Tennis Shoes

Running from side to side requires shoes for support in that area. Soles must be flexible, absorbent, and light, breathable textile canvas.

5. Court Shoes

Most sports held on the court are basketball and volleyball. Made out of soft leather and solid tread, these shoes are made to go in every direction. It can be a lower-cut heel, typically for volleyball, providing an unrestrained ankle. Basketball should have a higher upper for stability. 

6. Cleats

Sports held on grass require shoes with spikes on the soles to provide good traction and avoid slipping on the unreliable surface of the soil. 


Longer and narrow cleats. Typically, spikes are at the forefront to support sprints and when taking off and treading through the dirt. Spikes are often steel or molded plastic.


These shoes have a center-toe cleat feature. They have stiffer outsoles and options for removable spikes or studs. Other than that, the spikes can also be built in.


Form-fitting and tighter, in general, allow players to control their feet’ motion. It does not have a toe cleat, so there is no drag when kicking the ball. These are lower in profile and made of microfibers or kangaroo leather. 


It’s higher on the ankle, supports stability due to quick running, and can keep up with agile movements on grass or turf. Similar to football cleats, frontal toes provide traction when kicking off running. However, it mostly has midsole support and molding cleats on the outer edge of the sole.

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A proper type of shoe should fit any sport or activity. Protecting the feet with appropriate shoes and knowing what design fits the purpose of the activity is important. With various technologies and studies made to produce good shoes, choosing the correct one will help with improved performance, comfort, and generally, keeping feet structure great.  

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