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7 Ways to Switch Your Bad Habits With Good Ones

There are no perfect people in the world. Even our role models are far from being ideal superheroes. But the point is that people should strive not to become perfect men but better versions of themselves.

Do you have any bad habits? What daily activity deteriorates your health or prevents you from leading a lifestyle you dream about? There will never be a better time to start improving your life to a satisfactory degree. Thus, it is better you commence it right after examining this article.

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  1. Set Short-Term Goals

The easiest, the most practical, and yet the most obvious step is to start setting achievable goals. There is a common belief that action needs 21 days to turn into a habit. Once three weeks of doing the same thing daily come to an end, you stop noticing how you manage to accomplish the action. This way, your new habit acquires an automatic character and turns out to be easily performed.

  1. Be Conscious

Most of our negative manners are actions we perform unconsciously. Waking up in the morning and doing things automatically without even remembering them later. Is this something familiar to you?

The point is when one enjoys a particular thing, “happy hormones” like dopamine and oxytocin are released in the brain. Due to this process, the brain, each time, will send a signal to repeat this action. It is an explanation of why it is so difficult to get rid of addictions and bad habits. 

When you do something consciously, you focus on the benefits you will get from the process. When doing sport, imagine a strong and enduring body. When eating a salad instead of fast food, consider it as making you healthier. 

  1. Environment

Even though it may sound rude, try to clean your environment from people who influence you in a bad way. Does your company of friends gather every night to drink alcohol? It is not a good sign, obviously. If such a thing happens, you must make a firm decision: do you want to get rid of addictions or take a step closer to degradation?

Try to surround yourself with people for whom your new habit is already the norm. Such people will naturally support your choice and demonstrate its benefits through their own experience. If it is not possible to change your circle of friends, try to persuade them to get on the right track with you. It is always easier and more motivational to pursue the goals with somebody else.

  1. Learn Your Triggers

Every time you catch yourself repeating a bad thing, pay attention to the actions that preceded it. Then, make a note of potential triggers. It will help you identify them and recognize patterns of behavior that must be changed.

Bad habits are usually the result of boredom and stress. If you try your best to eliminate those two factors, it will be much easier to eradicate annoying tendencies from your behavior.

  1. Find Your Values

First of all, you must analyze why you want to get rid of your “addiction.” Only when a person understands the values, then they automatically increase motivation and awareness. Accordingly, it will be easier to find the right approach to eradicating the habit. Make sure you can answer the following questions:

  • Why am I doing this, and what will it give me?
  • What person am I going to become with the introduction of a new habit in my life?
  1. Reward Yourself

Life gets more challenging when the only thing you do is punish yourself. Thus, do not forget to thank yourself each time you successfully make a new step on the way to defeating your bad habits. Thanking yourself might be in the form of a small gift.

Remember the previous fact about hormones? So, when you make complex changes to your behavior, you do not get the necessary surge of dopamine. Still, there is a way out of the problem. The emotion of reward will replace it. 

Your brain will start associating the new, positive behavior with the dopamine rush. Every time you get a reward after an action, you subconsciously link these two events together. Thus, make sure to give yourself a little pleasure following your new healthy habit. It will definitely serve as an incentive to move forward.


  1. Examples of Substitutes

Sometimes it is difficult to analyze your conduct and identify the ”wrongdoings.” Thus, below you will find a concise checklist of the actions you might want to improve or change.

  1. Do not lie in bed after waking up. It will not help you to set up for the day or get positive emotions. It is better to start your morning routine with a healthy breakfast and self-care.
  2. Do not turn on the TV or take your phone when you want to relax. Why not read a fine book?
  3. Listen to audiobooks instead of music while commuting from one place to another.
  4. Choose healthy snacks, such as fruits and nuts, instead of chips and sweets.
  5. Do not touch your phone at least one hour before going to sleep; otherwise, it will affect your dreams.
  6. Try to choose stairs instead of elevators – this is how busy people do their exercise.

Final Thoughts

These small steps compose great changes that make your life different. If you start to incorporate them systematically, they will have a significant impact. Once you start, you will not be able to stop. It is often said that the more we do, the more we are capable of. So, set off a chain reaction in your routine that will instantly improve all areas of your life.

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