Pet7 Ways to Choose the Right Dog Shoes

7 Ways to Choose the Right Dog Shoes

Dog owners are always concerned about the safety of their dogs, especially the paws, which may become injured when taking a walk. Dog shoes are the best solution to come, but another issue is selecting the right dog shoe because of the many options available. 

It is essential to select the best dog shoes to help when taking a walk in the winter. 

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Before you shop for your dog shoes online, here are seven ways to get the best and right shoes for your dog.

Consider the Functionality of the Dog Shoe

What kind of occasion do you need your dog to get shoes on? Your dog does not need shoes on eerie time. It would be best if you had shoes suitable for urban and rural terrains, fashion, slippery places, and shoes for a rocky path. Some shoes fit all these qualities and can protect your dog from all forms of activities. Make sure to keep this in mind when you shop dog shoes online.

There are shoes specified for winter seasons as well. 

Try the Shoes on the Dog First

If possible, ensure to test the shoes on the dog first before purchasing them. Take the dog with you to the pet shop to get a fit on the correct size. Some shops may not allow this, so you should carefully follow the instructions given for the shoe’s sizing. Some shoe brands have a peculiar system of measuring the paw of a dog. Do not assume that all vendors use a particular method of sizing. 

A simple way to do this is by carefully placing your dog’s paw on paper and drawing out a line on each side of the foot. Now, measure the distance between the lines on all the paws to get the appropriate size of the dog. Some dog breeds could have different sizes on the front and back part of their paw, so consider that part too.

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Test the Shoes on all Four Paws 

If this is the first time your dog will be getting shoes, you need to understand that there will be some pressure on the paws initially, and depending on the quality of the shoes, your dog could respond uncomfortably before getting used to them. It is essential to test the boots on all four paws first before you buy them. Ensure the dog is standing before you try them all on it, and preferably make the dog walk around the store too, so it can get used and determine if it is comfortable or not. If you’re trying the shoes on the dog without assistance, place the dog on your legs, and keep the dog in position with your knees. 

Such shoes must be snug on the paws. This means the shoes should not come off quickly on the dog paw while it is on them. If they do, you’ll likely lose a leg or two while on a walking trail.

Avoid Low-Quality and Cheap Shoes

As much as possible, do not purchase low-quality shoes for your dog just because it is cheap. Some dog shoes are expensive, but that should not be a factor to get a sub-standard quality. The risk of getting injured while with shoes on is higher, and you’ll spend a lot more caring for the dog and soon be in the market for a new pair of shoes.

This is especially true for winter shoes. 

Watch out for Irregular Paw Shapes

Many dogs have an imperfect-sized paw. For example, the ‘thumb’ on your dog may be placed a bit differently than what is typically obtained for a ‘normal shaped’ dog. If your dog has that kind of thumb, protect the paws by getting a liner sock to relieve pressure on the shoe and gently massage the affected claw. 

Get an Experienced veterinarian to show an Example.

If the pet shop has a veterinarian attached, request that he show you how to select shoes that properly fit the dog. The veterinarian will show you how to choose the right shoe for your dog; it could be challenging as a first-timer picking the right shoe or knowing how to put the boots on the dog, a veterinarian could help you with that and also show you a few tricks on knowing if a dog likes the shoe or not.

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Always watch Out for Reactions your Dog makes when you try out different Dog Shoes.

Your dog’s reaction can comfortably tell you if a show will be the right fit or not if it is comfortable or is fit on its leg. The responses differ from dog to dog. Smaller dogs react quicker than larger dogs. 


Many dogs need dog shoes at all times. When you go on camping trips, take a walk down the street, go hunting or sit at home. There are different materials used in making a shoe. They include plastic, leather, etc.; there is a dog shoe for all occasions. 

A dog shoe is relevant now because of what it can be exposed to. Without a dog shoe, your dog can be exposed to the danger of chemicals, infectious diseases, and lower animals which its paws may pick up and it licks. Deciding chemicals especially might pose an issue to her claws. With the right dog shoes, you can protect her delicate paws.

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