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7 Tips on How to Always Be on Time

Time management. Is this a mantra of a modern person? How often have you encountered time management courses or checklists on how to be always productive? Nowadays, those skills are required in almost every sphere. From studying at a university to working in a decent company – you need to always be on time. How? You will find out.

Many people recommend making a list of tasks for a particular day and performing them at a time planned earlier. Of course, it is effective if the number of tasks does not exceed the amount that can be physically carried out by a human. If you have countless tasks, there is a way out of this vicious cycle. At least you can easily deal with studying issues by ordering online college homework help at reliable platforms. Do this and put one tick on your to-do list.

Below you can find an algorithm following which you can put all your tasks in order, achieve success, and do everything in time. It will also help you fight against procrastination, which often prevents people from getting down to business.

  1. Divide Your Day Into Blocks

Many successful people do not create lists of assignments for the day. What method do they implement instead? Dividing time into blocks that are filled with some particular business. 

For example, in the morning, one can devote some hours to answering letters, holding work meetings, and doing paperwork. The evening can be spared for spending time with family and friends. By creating this type of schedule, you get temporary blocks in which you can perform only one task. When time runs out, you need to move on to the next thing from another block.

  1. Eat a Frog In the Morning

No, no, not a real one. If you are interested in the life and art of Mark Twain, you might have heard his famous saying about a frog. It reads as follows: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

It seems to be a perfect rule that can be followed when planning a schedule. Performing the most difficult or the most annoying task in the morning will take the burden off you. It will also help you be productive during the day and significantly improve your overall mood.

  1. Wake Up an Hour Earlier

This one is perhaps the most challenging piece of advice to follow. But to achieve something, one needs to exert some effort. By setting your alarm an hour earlier than usual (without pressing the button to postpone it), you can get an extra hour to complete important tasks.

Several studies have proved that there is a connection between early awakening and productivity. Moreover, our brain works better in the morning. Thus, the concentration of attention and cognitive functions during this period will be higher than in the evening or at night.


  1. Fight Distractions

Try to count how many times, on average, you get distracted during a day. Some experts recommend avoiding distractions not only for procrastination but also for extraneous matters, even important ones.

Multitasking harms the workflow and the overall productivity. We consider ourselves geniuses who deceive Chronos when we work on several tasks simultaneously. But doing it this way, you will not perfectly accomplish a single task.

  1. Take Breaks

Take 3-4 minutes for a break every hour. It will help you maintain vigor and concentration. But, of course, it is desirable not to spend this time smoking. To stay active and lively, you can perform light exercises or have a cup of green tea.

If “resting” at the computer, in shops, or doing household chores, the body continues accumulating fatigue. And at one moment, “emotional burnout” sets in – a state when there is no time, no strength, and no mood.

  1. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

If you are a perfectionist, this tip may seem unbearable to perform. However, being a successful person does not mean accomplishing all the work by yourself and being almost dead till the end of the day. If you want to always be on time, you must be ready to share responsibility with others. So, finding a person you can trust is another step toward becoming a time management expert. Simplify certain difficulties by delegating your responsibilities to someone else.

  1. Set Priorities Properly 

It is advisable to order the assignments by importance to carry them out consistently. But sometimes it happens that you are stuck on the most complicated thing, unable to finish it. If such a situation arises, you can distract and switch for a while to do other easy things. It will give you new inspiration to return to the priority thing and help you find new ways to solve it.

Even though there are many priority schemes, perhaps the most effective is the framework of urgency:

  • Not urgent and not necessary. It is better to remove something from your to-do list and focus on something important than struggle to finish an unimportant task.
  • Urgent but not necessary. Delegate this task to others. Keep in mind that while it may be unimportant to you, it may be important to others.
  • Urgent and necessary. Do it now. The main thing is to make sure that it is indispensable.
  • Not urgent but necessary. These are often complicated tasks for which we can never find a free minute. Moreover, these are also the assignments that probably meet our long-term goals. Take some time to accomplish these.

Final Words

Incorporating all the tips mentioned above into your daily routine is an effective strategy for becoming a perfect human of the modern era. Productive, efficient, capable – almost a computer. Still, remember that you are not a robot, and it is almost impossible to be energetic and active every single day. 

Try your best, experiment with schedules, and search for your ideal one. But do not forget to care about your internal feelings and emotions in this constant chase for productivity.

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