Marketing7 Blogging Tips To Maximize Social Shares

7 Blogging Tips To Maximize Social Shares

Whether you're blogging for fun or money, it would hurt if you don't see anyone comment or share your content on social networks. Perhaps you've hired the best blog writing services to create exceptionally high-value content. But it seems your ideas don't go anywhere, or you're not making the desired impact. 

We have created this post to give you some blogging tips to maximize social shares. 

1. Encourage shareability with social share buttons

If readers find your blog interesting and worth sharing with friends on their social networks, they'll do it anyway. It doesn't matter if they can't find the social share buttons. 

However, you'll want to add these buttons, as they make things a lot easier with a few clicks. As such, more readers would be encouraged to share. 

Some bloggers include the social share buttons, but they tend to put them at the end of the post. The positioning makes sense. 

However, it's not the most effective, especially if you publish long blog posts. Adding a floating social media widget would be the best course of action. 

2. Make your blog and social media accounts work together 

After clicking a link to your blog from Facebook or Twitter, most users will probably click back and leave comments on your social media post. Wouldn't it be awesome if those comments and replies showed up on your blog? 

You need to implement a comment system that integrates your blog with social media comments. It's worth noting that user comments can be posted on their social profiles, meaning anyone on their friend list can view those comments. 

Well, this can help build a powerful social proof, generate more blog traffic, and strengthen your relationship with your blog readers.

3. Reach out to influencers 

Influencers can make a noticeable difference in your blogging journey. However, you need to partner with influencers who work in a space where your target audience is likely to spend time. 

It is not unusual for influencers to reject bloggers' offers, though. That's why you should make an effort to build a relationship with influencers before you think of inviting them to promote your blog

But how can you go about this? Well, know that influencers like to be mentioned and quoted. It would be helpful to link their social media profiles in your blogs. You could also ask them questions or tips. Then, create a post quoting their answers. 

4. Trade gated content for social shares 

If gated content is still relevant in your niche, you can make a few tweaks to your strategy to trigger increased social activity. 

In most cases, readers provide their email addresses before accessing gated content. You can opt for social shares instead. 

Target people with your best-performing or epic blog posts. Essentially, that would be content that's already attracting steady traffic.

While this strategy works, don't block everything. At least let the readers access the part that gives them an idea of what to expect from your post. It could be the summary, introduction, or the first chapter. 

5. Run giveaways 

Giveaways don't always have to be expensive. And even if you choose to be generous, the results are usually worthwhile. For readers to win, they'll need to earn entries. 

Awarding more entries for sharing actions can help drive massive social engagement, generating more traffic to your website. 

6. Add eye-catching images or graphics 

Whenever you share a link to your newly published or updated blog post on social media (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), accompany it with inspiring images. 

High-quality pictures have the superior effect of attracting readers and boosting your social shares. Stats show posts that feature photos receive 2.3X more social engagement than those that don't have any images. 

7. Embrace the idea of crafting tweetable quotes 

Creating tweetable quotes is another excellent way for bloggers to maximize social shares and drive more traffic. 

The tweets should highlight the catchy ideas, concepts, takeaways, or inspiring statements embedded in your blog post. Tweetable quotes with self-contained value receive more shares because the reader doesn't have to go through the entire post before sharing. 

Wrapping Up

Getting social shares takes a little bit of effort. With these tips, you'll see a whole lot of difference. But before you think of maximizing your social shares, ensure your blog content is top-notch. 

Creating top-notch, valuable, actionable, and detailed content requires skills. You'll be better off with hiring reliable blog writing services. 

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