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7 Best Things To Do at a Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

Couples going on a honeymoon safari in Tanzania enjoy exciting adventures of the Tanzania safari while they celebrate the early days of their romantic life.

Making memorable experiences for the two of you to cherish for years is the primary goal of going on a romantic trip. And what could be more memorable than observing a lively troop of elephants splashing around in a muddy waterhole on a hot day, observing a cheetah prowl over the savannah, or perhaps witnessing the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park?

Taking a trip to Tanzania for your honeymoon does not necessitate that you will rough it. A Tanzania honeymoon safari offers stunning scenery and a wealth of wildlife. There are several luxury Tanzania safari with different preferences, like the luxurious lodges, where you can experience wildlife while enjoying comfort. 

7 Things To Do Have an Adventurous Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

Planning on viewing the wildlife for an adventurous trip to Tanzania? Keep in mind that the geography and landscape vary depending on where a game reserve is located in Tanzania. Hence, the diversity of terrains inhabits different wildlife. Hippos, for example, live in locations with lots of water, whereas cheetahs prefer more open grasslands.

Consider making a list of the animals you hope to see on your Tanzania honeymoon safari, and then choose the reserve with the best reputation for these sightings. And including other activities, you wish to achieve.

A Tanzania luxury safari is the perfect way to do it spend your honeymoon and allows for a romantic adventure like no other.

To help with your plan, here are some activities you can check off your bucket list and give you an adventurous honeymoon.

View the Great Migration on a Hot Air Balloon Safari

Make your trip to Tanzania between July and October to witness The Great Migration. This is when millions of wildebeests herd together to embark on the treacherous journey of a lifetime via the Serengeti grasslands and the renowned Mara River to reach the Masai Mara plains. This happens in Northern Serengeti Park.

Take a trip with your partner to Northern Serengeti Park and witness a breathtaking view of wildlife. Couples can have the highlight of their adventure while on a hot air balloon to watch the most prominent wildlife display on earth as herds of wildebeest rush over the Serengeti.

Honeymooners also experience the big five: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceroses, and buffalos, and watch the fiercest wildlife predators hunt for their prey. It’s unlike any adventure for couples to go on a Tanzania Honeymoon safari and see how animals battle daily for their lives.

Going on an early morning balloon safari is another exciting adventure as you watch the sunrise of a new dawn up high in the sky.

Go Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

As long as both parties are reasonably fit and enjoy being active outdoors, Kilimanjaro is a favorite among adventurous couples and an excellent choice for them.

Partners not well-matched in fitness, speed, or stamina must decide beforehand whether the stronger partner will stick with the slower one or climb separately. 

Witness the Highest Population of Elephants

Consider going on a Tarangire safari If you and your spouse enjoy the sight of elephants. It is home to a large elephant population, and you can view thousands of elephants cluttered. And follow the footprints of elephants.

You can also enjoy a romantic getaway at the Tarangire, has is a more secluded place and least crowded. If you lodge away from the park, you can enjoy walking and night safaris.

Stay at Karatu for a Chance at Horse Riding Activities

Couples can enjoy a more adventurous trip while on the Ngorongoro crater. The crater is known to be home to the intact volcanic caldera. It boasts an impressively fertile grazing area and a plentiful supply of water. As a result, it homes and retains wildlife like the black rhino.

Couples engage in the game drive activities of viewing the wildlife in the park. In addition, a much greater variety of activities for a Tanzania honeymoon safari can be found at the lodgings outside the Crater’s rim, particularly in adjacent Karatu. 

In the town of Mto wa Mbu, where Maasai settlements are available for tourists, couples spend a more romantic time on the boundless walking grounds and learn from the tribal life and access to these resorts.

There is a provision for couples to enjoy a fun horseback riding adventure from the resort.

Go on a Nyerere Safari

Couples can go boating and wildlife game driving on a Nyerere safari during the day. Honeymooners enjoy safaris on foot offered by the vast majority of camps. The Beho Beho and Sand Rivers provide exceptionally high-quality walking operations.

The boating safari in Nyerere is one of the most exciting activities for couples on a Tanzania Honeymoon safari. Couples float down the mighty Rufiji River, surrounded by the parks, and have a great view of the wildlife.

Also, Sand Rivers is known for fly camping excursions (with guided operators usually mixing driving with walking). These activities make the honeymoon safari for couples more adventurous and memorable.

Take More Adventurous Activities in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is frequently thought of as the perfect beach destination because of its white, palm-lined beaches, especially after a safari. Zanzibar, however, has a wide range of activities to offer couples on a honeymoon safari.

Once honeymooners top their adventurous experience with the highlight in Zanzibar. They can settle and have more relaxing romantic, fun-filled activities after a safari, which includes unwinding on the stunning beaches, epic day cruises on the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, or trips to smaller neighboring islands. 

Here are some thrilling activities for couples to do on a romantic getaway in Zanzibar:

Water sports: Couples can have a thrilling experience while engaging in snorkeling trips, sunset cruises, and dive expeditions.

Swim with the dolphins: First, sail on a shallower part of the blue water, and look for the prawns, lobsters, and all sorts of colorful fishes. Then drift deeper to spot the dolphins and possibly swim the dolphins.

Take a tour to Stone Town: One of the few cities in Africa with such a well-researched past is Stone Town. It served as a stopover and a significant commerce port, providing a market for exporting ivory and enslaved people from the East African mainland (current-day Tanzania and Kenya). 

Couples can explore and learn about history. It can enlighten them on contemporary Zanzibaris’ lives, their daily activities, and the people of Tanzania. This tour is a beautiful day trip filled with educational activities for a romantic outing.


Tanzanian honeymoon safaris are considered one of the best in the world. Their breathtaking views and adventurous activities have earned them a reputation among many couples.

Couples that want to experience nature’s untamed force mixed with fun-filling romantic activities should consider a Tanzania safari. This creates a lifetime memorable experience for newlyweds, as well as a distinct and different honeymoon getaway.

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