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5 Ways To Unblock A Torrent When It’s Not Working

Torrents used to be one of the most convenient and authentic sources of data sharing among “peers.” However, due to increasing copyright infringements and other licensing issues, it seems like a world war is going against torrents.

There’s no doubt that sharing and downloading copyrighted content must be banned, especially in the modern data-centric world where everything is readily available. However, shutting down torrents altogether, which can as well be used for legitimate reasons, isn’t an appropriate way to address the issue.

For whatever legal reason you have to rely on torrents, you can count on a VPN to access them. However, with your digital presence at risk, cybersecurity experts recommend using the best VPNs to unblock torrent websites.

Here are 5 ways to unblock a torrent website when it’s not working.

A Straightforward Trick: Change your Internet Connection

A simple trick is just the primary alternative for banned torrent networks. “How come I didn’t even think about this first?” you’ll marvel.

There are many network firewalls and ISPs (like in universities or offices) that simply use basic blocking. This underlying barrier restricts the very first stage of access to a website or torrent.

To get around this, launch your torrent using a new connection, such as connecting to your smartphone’s data network. When the torrent begins downloading, reconnect to the “restricted” Wi-Fi network and it’ll resume its download.

If the network firewall is much more powerful, this method will not succeed, although you’d be amazed how often that isn’t the situation.

1. Modify DNS Server Configuration

Typically, your ISP’s only barrier is found at the level of DNS. The Domain Name System (DNS) converts your IP digits into website titles. You can resolve your issue if you change it to an open DNS.

The following are the mainstream free DNS servers for public use:

  • OpenDNS: |
  • Google DNS: |
  • Comodo DNS: |

Update your DNS server in the settings tab, and you’ll be immediately accessing and browsing all of those previously restricted websites.

2. Get a Free (non-paid) VPN App

If you are not comfortable tinkering with the setting tabs, you can access the websites by using a VPN service. A VPN conceals the provenance of your device’s IP address. Essentially, you appear to be accessing the web from a country or region where that certain site is not prohibited.

You may utilize a free VPN provider for this, but they generally have monthly basis download limits. However, premium VPNs offer you unlimited downloads but require a monthly subscription fee. Moreover, free VPN services record your online activity and don’t provide the necessary features and encryption levels for top-level cybersecurity.

3. Get a Premium and Reliable VPN App

The first step is to access a website. However, many ISPs or organizational firewalls are much more cunning in their censorship. On these networks, your torrents will just never start. When this happens, it’s time to pull out the heavy guns and employ a commercial VPN provider for torrent sites.

Premium VPNs include fewer constraints and typically encrypt your info as well. They also do not record your online activity. Install it on your device or network, and you’ll be able to quickly browse and download all your torrents.

We recommend using ExpressVPN because the service does not keep any data logs and offers the best-in-class security features. You can also get its 30-day money-back guarantee to test whether it fits your bill or not.

4. Get a Paid Seedbox or Try ZbigZ for Free

Seedboxes are getting a lot of attention in the torrent industry. A Seedbox is a cloud platform that allows torrents to be uploaded and downloaded. You may then use your PC for downloading or uploading the desired torrents in your Seedbox. Consider it as a torrent Dropbox.

What is the charm of seedboxes? Seedboxes send data files to your device in the same way that any site sends data to you. This implies that a network manager cannot disable a Seedbox because doing so will disable all online access and activity.

Seedboxes are typically paid services, but ZbigZ is a notable free app. The free service has some limitations, such as a download speed cap of 150 KBps, a file size limit of 1GB, a total of a couple of files in a given capacity at a time, and 7 days expiry time.

Paid Seedboxes bypass some of these restrictions or provide varied restrictions depending on your subscription plan.  and RapidSeedbox are the most user-friendly torrent seedboxes.

UltraSeedbox and DediSeedbox are preferred if you’re competent in establishing your own digital private server (VPS).

5. Switch to Port 80 (Beware: It’s Slow)

Sadly, some ISPs ban ports and even port-forwarding, which are required by popular torrent software. You may employ the same approach for free if you are unable to spend for a seedbox.

Because port 80 is the standard port across all HTTP (internet) data transmissions, network administrators rarely ban it. Simply configure your torrent client to utilize just port 80.

To begin, navigate to the app’s network options and deactivate “Random Ports.” Then, configure Port 80 to your standard port and check to see that it runs. Lastly, delete the  NAT-PMP and UPnP options, and you’re done.

Be aware that this will significantly slow down your torrent speeds. It’s really the slowest option left here, but you have to take what you can.

Choose a Reliable Torrent Client 

Torrents have a poor impression due to their strong association with piracy. However, BitTorrent has various legitimate functions, ranging from downloading ISO files of a new OS to massive video game upgrades.

Despite your legitimate reasons for using torrents, you still require a decent client. Nope, that doesn’t apply to uTorrent. Actually, uTorrent has encountered a number of issues in recent years, involving bloatware, security flaws, and ad distribution. Rather, switch uTorrent with any of these excellent torrent clients.

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