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5 Ways Support Coordination Services Help People With Disabilities

Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the frontrunner in supporting persons with known disabilities. First, however, families need to determine what specific aims and goals they need to pursue in caring for their loved ones with known disabilities. They can do this by learning about the various support programs available to aid the person with a disability live a life as independently as possible. Here we will discuss the five ways that specialist support coordination services help people with disabilities.

Understand Your Plan

Applying and getting approved for a NDIS plan is the first step in availing support services for individuals with impairment. However, it does not end there. It can be overwhelming to learn all the necessary details regarding the NDIS services. But, with the aid of support coordination services, your plan manager will give you the best options to choose from. In addition, a support coordinator is well-versed in NDIS support services and can provide helpful information about each section of a support plan. These measures will aid in decision-making regarding NDIS goals and align intended services to reach those goals.

At MiBay NDIS Disability Services, we are dedicated to offering tailored support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to ensure their unique needs are met with care and respect.

Acknowledge Cultural Diversity Needs

With people coming from various backgrounds and cultural affiliations, it is vital to acknowledge the diversity that exists in every individual. This consideration avoids improper determination of client-specific needs during the planning phase of support services. Fortunately, each support coordinator is trained to accommodate the client's cultural beliefs and helps to cater and locate support services in line with the client's beliefs, customs, languages, behaviors, faith, rituals, food, and attitude.

Determines Priority Goals

Support coordination services exist to help families of people with disabilities make the right decision in caring for their loved ones. However, it is true that making these choices can be difficult and that finding areas of priority is a challenge. 

Support coordination services bring a wealth of information and experience, serving as the family's guide and a trusted advisor in making educated and confident decisions. It also aims to build the necessary skills and confidence among families to manage individualized NDIS support services.  

Assistance With Paperwork

Availing of a NDIS plan comes with a lot of admin work, and with that comes tedious paperwork. Support coordination services can help manage all pertinent service agreements while keeping track of current NDIS funding. This added convenience gives families of persons with disabilities a sense of peace, knowing that funds are being handled and used effectively.

Referral To The Right Support System

Deciding which allied health provider to choose from, coming from a long list of available health professionals available, can be confusing at first. But with the help of support coordination services, selecting the right allied health partner that can cater to the unique client needs of the person with a disability will ensure that all health activities and measures align with the client's goals. However, families and support care coordinators need to work hand in hand in with each other to find the right allied health professional to suit set client objectives.

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