Blog5 Top Tips for Preventing House Fires 

5 Top Tips for Preventing House Fires 

Something we don’t think about in our day to day living but could potentially be catastrophic is house fires. We often take for granted basic safety around the house but by learning a few tips on how to prevent house fires, you will be able to sleep soundly with the knowledge that you have taken that extra step in looking after your home.

  1. Unplug the gadgets-
    Most households these days are owners of a vast array of gadgets. From Ipads, to Alexa’s, laptops to smartphones, they have become a common and comfortable part of our lives. When we pack up for the evening to go to bed, our gadgets get plugged in for a well-needed overnight charge. However, the risk is plugging too many wires in at once, or even just for too long can lead to overheating, which is when the hazard starts to spark into a potential fire. So, prioritise your plug ins and switch off when you hit 100%.
  2. Check your wires-
    Now with all those wires lying around, it’s not uncommon for them to get worn down over time. It’s important to check your charger leads and power cables and all the rest haven’t become frayed or damaged, or even chewed up by rodents. Wires that are exposing their metallic innards are a real fire hazard so by regularly checking the condition of all your household wires will reduce the likelihood of a household fire.
  3. Upgrade your fire detectors-
    You might think your house is safe from fires because the standard grade fire detectors were installed when the house was built. But, by taking the extra precaution of upgrading to nice new automatic fire detectors you are ensuring you can catch a fire as early as possible to prevent masses of damage.
  4. Close your doors- 

Such a simple thing to build into your routine, and yet so essential in reducing the spread of potential fires in the home. Basic fire safety teaches us to gently feel a door handle before grabbing to open the door when there is a fire, this allows us to judge how close the fire is to you and warn away from opening a door to flames in your face. So, by remembering to close all your doors downstairs, you not only will contain the fire from spreading for longer, but you will be keeping yourself and your family that much safer.

  1. Have an emergency escape plan ready-
    Now, we do have to face the facts that while we can take many measures to prevent a fire breaking out in the home, it’s not 100% avoidable. It is key to have an emergency escape plan that has been shared and agreed between you and your family members, this way if a housefire does occur, you are all well prepared and know where to head to as a safe point. Remember to practice the plan frequently so you are always prepared.

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