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5 Tips to Start Enjoying Essay Writing

What would you do if somebody had told you that writing a fantastic essay after this blog post and leaving everybody speechless is a strong possibility? If you are a student, the truth is that you will have to write a lot of assignments. Even if writing was never your cup of tea –  consider it and invest some time; maybe it’ll grow closer.

Writing an essay can be a challenge if you lack motivation or time. It’s like misery. Finding inspiration for the topic can be the easiest – and most challenging part. If the issue of the subject is closer to your personal desired content or things you are passionate about, take a pen, dive into the magical world of words, and test your writing skills. Don’t be scared to experiment; make it entertaining.

On the other hand, there is always a possibility that you will have little or no knowledge about the topic you got, are unsure of, and have no clue what should end up on the paper. But don’t worry! A little help along the way can always be helpful and welcomed. Do you ever think to yourself: “Oh, I wish there was someone to write my assignment for me”? Leave your task to our service and immediately enjoy the saved up time! Learning new information, educating yourself, and improving your writing skills are beautiful writing outcomes.

The process of learning and growing abilities lasts your whole life. Be adventurous, find a calm and relaxing space to write in, and dive right into it. Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the list.


1. Research the Topic

When the topic is assigned to you, the first step you might consider is researching this theme. There are a lot of sites out there that can quickly provide you with information for the essay and have fun with facts, explanations, and interests. The more investigation you do, the more improved your finished article will be.

Think about quoting or using references to add some credibility to your work. Keep in mind to have boundaries because sometimes less can be more. A good thing to do is write a checklist with some points and tick them off as you move forward with your work.

But beware: there is a lot of information and false advertisement on the internet, so keep that in mind and double-check everything you find to make the writing as accurate and truthful as possible.

2. Turn Off Devices if You Get Easily Distracted

After you research and collect everything from the internet – consider turning off your social media, devices, and TV. Those distractions will set you back and make you unconcentrated on the task. Always looking around and finding something to grip your attention is a significant delay and will eventually slow you down. 

Losing concentration is always a possibility and can appear quickly, so get rid of anything that can contribute to that. Not putting effort into your essay will make you feel unmotivated, unhappy, and wondering if you did a good job or just threw a lot of time, grind, and motivation in the wind.

3. Write the Body First, the Introduction Second, and the Conclusion Last

You had an excellent idea or sentence that could fit amazing in conclusion, but you just started writing the introduction? Don’t worry! Write every thesis that comes to your mind on the side and develop a story around those points.

First, a good recommendation is to start with the most complex part – the body. Open up that part with a thesis and melt it into 2-3 supporting points. Always provide evidence for your statements. Conclude your paragraph with a summary sentence and add quotations if needed. 

Later on, form the introduction based on facts and lines you talk about in the central part because it will be easier to write after you have researched and rounded up everything. It all boils down to a conclusion because you need to wrap all you have written and show how much you understood the assignment. A little tip is to tie together the main points to impress the reader. 

4. Reward Yourself

There’s a big chance you will experience a lack of motivation while writing. You may also feel drained. If that happens – reward yourself. Take a break, watch your favorite episode of a show or eat something nutritious that will wake up your brain and put you in a good mood.

The good idea is to go to the gym, get rid of negative energy, and free up your mind. Let your brain breathe for an hour or two before getting back and finishing your writing task. You will accomplish two goals and feel healthy and pleased in no time. You will feel more awake and ready to complete your work. Do not take a nap if you think your progress could slow down, and the feeling of “I’ll do it later” may appear.



5. Proofread/Check for Plagiarism

One of the most important things you need to do before submitting an essay is proofread. Proofreading doesn’t only include grammatical mistakes, commas, and typos. Dive into your writing, see if everything flows nicely, and make sure that sentences are structured perfectly. 

When you are done correcting flaws and mistakes, read it one more time and make sure you are happy and satisfied with the final product. If grammar is not your stronger side, use a dictionary or check up on things you are unsure of on the internet. 

Always check your work for plagiarism because you don’t want to risk a negative grade or bad feedback from the teacher. It will take you up to a couple of minutes and save you from possible consequences.

After checking everything up, your essay is finally polished and composed.  When you have everything figured out and done, you will feel accomplished and proud. Trust us; you’ll be glad you took your time and spent it on research and composing.

Final Thoughts

Think of your essay as your report; make it exciting and educating. Don’t be afraid to experiment with words and phrases. Combine long and short sentences to add rhythm and flow and keep the reader’s attention.

A good thing to keep in mind is to start writing on time and not wait for the last day because you might panic and won’t be satisfied with the final product. It is always advantageous if you have experience writing and composing thoughts in an entirety. The job will get done easier and faster.

But on the other hand, not knowing how to put your thoughts on a paper will encourage you to explore, research, put effort into, and invest in yourself. Practice makes perfect. What is the most valuable thing that can happen? You will fall in love with writing and use it to escape from the real world. Get creative, trust, and enjoy the process. 

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