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5 Tips For Painting The Bathroom

Painting the bathroom can transform into a valuable project. Such an improvement can influence an aesthetic appeal, as well as increase the house value. Before you make an investment, there is something you should know about painting bathroom interior. Here are 5 tips – remember them and avoid the most common mistakes.

Do not hurry

Haste is a bad advisor – each certified painting and decorating company in London will confirm that words. It is extremely important to let each coat of paint fully dry before applying another layer. Bathroom is a small and closed space, thus it takes extra time for each compound to dry on the surface. If you are on your own in this painting project, leave the bathroom for a couple of hours before you apply the second coat of paint. If the surface is almost dry, it means you still have to wait before you go on with the project.

Wait for dampness to clear out before you paint

When it comes to painting the bathroom, make sure you have taken care of proper air circulation. Do not start painting right after the shower or in the morning, when the whole family was just preparing for the upcoming day. The best moment for your project is when the dampness has completely cleared out. Open the bathroom door, window (if possible) and leave the fan on for some time.

Use mildew resistant paint

If you hired a professional painting and decorating company in London, the team will also give you plenty of advices. One of them might be the choice of paint that is resistant to mold. Bathroom is a small interior full of steam on a regular basis. If you decide to put a special, mildew resistant paint, you will give the walls an extra coat of protection.

Manage the sheen

As you probably know, there are many gloss levels of the paint. The more glossy the paint, the better level of its durability. If you decide to paint the bathroom with a shiny colour, keep in mind that it needs a perfect preparation of walls. Take care of repairs and cleaning, also make sure you used a primer. If you do not know where to start, hiring a decent decorating company in London would be a reasonable step.

Remember, high-gloss interior paints reveal all imperfections. If you have any doubts about going through the project by yourself, use the help of skilled painters.

Do not use the bathroom immediately

It might be tempting to take a shower in a freshly painted bathroom, but use a common sense in the first place. Let the paint fully dry for at least a day or two, especially when you deal with steamy showers. Your patience will be rewarded with a nicely looking interior that will last for years.

Painting a bathroom may seem like an easy task, but in fact this small interior is one of the most difficult. Use the services of a trustworthy professional who not only is willing to paint the interior, but also will give detailed information about the products and types of paint. Contact painting and decorating company in London, describe your expectations, set the meeting and see that they have to offer.

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