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5 Tips For Avoiding Ostomy Leakage

First, let’s get introduced to Ostomy Bags. It is also called a stoma bag, a waterproof pouch people use to collect their body waste after surgery. Now after what kind of surgery may people need to attach an Ostomy bag? People may require attaching an Ostomy bag to their body generally after bowel surgery.

Now, why would someone have to get an Ostomy bag or a stoma bag? A person would have to get an Ostomy bag because of bowel disease, bladder cancer, colon cancer, or polyps. Sometimes, they may need it because of an accident or gunshot wound requiring Ostomy surgery.

People who use Ostomy bags have one problem in common. That is the leakage of their Ostomy bag. That’s why today I will talk about some tips for avoiding Ostomy leakage so that people don’t have to face the discomforting situation ever again.

Tip 1: Make Sure To Get The Right Ostomy Skin Barrier For You

It’s really important that you choose the perfect skin barrier that matches your conditions out of all the varieties you may get out there. The things that you should keep in mind while getting an Ostomy skin barrier are, What skin type do you have? What is your abdomen shape? If you have any hernias in that area or any scars or creases.

To find out which skin barrier makes the most sense to you, you can ask specialists about it or ask for an applicable sample before buying one. After finding the right one, buy it and use it without worrying about leakage.

Tip 2: Your Skin Should Be Clean, Dry, and Shaved

Having dry, clean, and shaved skin is the primary key to managing your Ostomy. The more smooth the surface is, the better the adhesive will adhere.

You can use a barrier wipe to clean and prepare the surface before attaching the barrier. The wipe will create a thin layer between your skin and the barrier to protect your skin from the aggressive adhesive.

Tip 3: You Can Use An Ostomy Belt

A belt will keep the pouch secured to your body, avoiding any leakage. The belt should stretch across your body and ensure you have a secure fit. Also, the pouch should be held tightly against your body.

Before buying an ostomy belt, consult with an ostomy specialist first to be safe. Using a belt can give you enough security and confidence to have the Ostomy bags attached to your body.

Tip 4: You Must Empty Or Change Your pouch Frequently

The common mistake people make while using an ostomy bag is not changing it or emptying it frequently. It can also leave you with a foul odor which is unhealthy.

Now you might ask when is the right time to empty your pouch. It would be best if you emptied your pouch every time it’s one-third full. When the pouch gets overloaded, it can cause some peristomal leakage and irritation. That’s why it is a vital step to avoid ostomy leakage.

Tip 5: You Should Use Lubricating products To Avoid Pancaking

Patients may experience pancaking when their body wastes enter the pouch. What does it mean? Well, it means the contents don’t directly fall to the bottom of your pouch but stay stuck to the pouch’s entering point. It can be irritating and also can cause permanent damage.

To avoid this happening, you use a lubricating deodorant. You can squirt the deodorant on the top of the pouch. Doing this will make it a little more slippery, letting the contents fall to the bottom of the pouch.


If you’re using an ostomy bag, make sure to follow all the written tips to avoid leakage. It’ll save you from any damage that could occur due to leakage. Because prevention is better than cure, and as a patient, with an ostomy bag, you should always keep this in mind.

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