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5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Hair Iron

Do you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and think to yourself: it looks like another bad hair day?

Well, you don't have to fret about this anymore. You can invest in a great hair iron that'll shape your hair as you wish. Whether you want to curl your hair or straighten it, you can depend on hair irons.

But how do you choose the right hair curling iron? This guide will show you how to get started.

Here's what you should know:

1. Consider the Temperature of the Hair Iron

Whether you choose a hair curling iron or flat irons for hair, they all have a maximum temperature.

For example, the higher the temperature, the better it is for straightening hair. For curling hair, you don't have to always opt for high heat. However, even for straight hair you want to be careful about heating your hair iron.

Some people have sensitive hair and it might be dangerous for them to use high heat. You want to test out your hair with your local hairdresser. You want to check out what temperature works best with your hair.

Even if you can handle high heat, you want to stick to low heat as much as possible. Ideally, the low heat will be sufficient to straighten or curl your hair.

You might want to buy this hair volumizing iron as it's a great option for most people. It's also important to choose a hair iron that has a variety of different temperatures. You can then choose different temperatures to decide what works best for various hairstyles.

2. Is the Price Worth It?

The next consideration is to determine whether you're paying the right price for your hair iron.

For example, your hair iron should last for several years. Even with continuous use, you shouldn't have to replace your current hair iron for at least 5 years.

You shouldn't be afraid to spend a few hundred dollars on a hair iron. Often, these are the ones that'll last for several years. 

However, there are many hair irons that are overpriced. Just because the price tag is high doesn't mean that it'll last for years.

Once again, you can depend on your hairdresser to help you with your decision. Ask them how much they've paid for their hair irons. Ask them how many years the hair iron has lasted and how often it gets used.

If the hair irons are too expensive, you can always wait for a sale. However, you must never go for the cheapest option. The features will be limited and the hair iron won't last for more than a year.

3. Check Out the Type of Hair Irons

You have to also consider what types of hair irons you want. At times, you might need multiple hair irons for different purposes.

For example, a flat iron with slight rounding can also work to curl your hair. If you only need to straighten your hair, you need to choose a hair iron that's flat all over.

You also need to look at the materials within the hair iron. For example, if a hair iron has titanium plates then it makes it easier to curl hair. It's also great to avoid snagging.

Gold Titanium is also great for keeping your hair straight for several hours. Make sure you also clean and dry your hair irons regularly. Titanium has to be maintained in order to keep its strength.

4. What's the Width?

The next feature to look at is the width of your hair iron. This is where you have to know what type of hair you have!

Thicker hair works with wider plates. You need to put more pressure on thicker hair. This comes with wide plates. If your hair is thin or thinning, then you may want to consider narrow plates.

For wider hair irons, you might want to consider ceramic plates. In this scenario, ceramic plates might work better than titanium plates.

5. Researching Brands and Models

The final step is to research brands and models to decide what's the best hair iron for you.

Start by researching different brands. You want to read online reviews of different brands and create a shortlist. You should only stick to brands that have been around for several years.

Be cautious when choosing generic cosmetic brands. Some of these might not put a lot of care when designing their hair irons.

This is because they have so many great products already. As a result, they don't have to depend on the success of their hair irons.

Once you've found great brands, you want to break down different models. Once you've made your shortlist of models, you need to research their success. You want to choose models that have at least 100 reviews.

Of course, from these reviews, at least 70% should be positive reviews. Make sure most positive reviews are no more than 3 months old. 

As mentioned earlier, you must speak to your network about which hair irons they recommend. Your hairdresser is always the best person to help you make your decision.

If you can, you must speak directly to the brand. Speak to their customer service agents and ask them about their hair irons. This is a great way to decide which hair iron works for you.

You also want to learn about the different features. This also gives you a chance to assess how helpful the company is. If customer service is helpful, it's likely that their hair irons are of great quality.

Get Your Hair Iron

Now you know what makes a great hair iron and how you can pick one for your needs.

Start by looking at the temperature of the hair iron. It's best to choose one that has many heating options.

You also want to look at the features of the hair iron. Decide whether you need a narrow or wide plate. Use our guide to help you choose the right brand or model for your hair iron.

If you're ready to go out in style, check out our other fashion tips first!

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