Marketing5 Reasons Twitter Is a Valuable Marketing Tool

5 Reasons Twitter Is a Valuable Marketing Tool

Twitter sees about 6000 tweets per minute which means a massive audience. Today, companies and organizations are working hard to crack the Twitter code to get exposure. Marketing teams all over the world keep Twitter on their list to reap the benefits. They also try the tactics such as using Twitter growth service to gain attention, which shows how significant this platform is. Whether you are an individual or a business, Twitter can do wonders for you. If you want to know how Twitter fosters your business activities, then keep on reading.

Actionable Insights

Twitter is a great source of insights that will get you intelligence that is important for your business. Some questions that you are looking answers for to are as follows:

  • How are my competitors performing?
  • What are my customers searching for?
  • Niches that are in demand
  • Mindsets of the customers

Make use of explore page of this platform and get updated lists of hashtags that will get more exposure to your content and product. You also get added conversions that will become your brand voice.

Multiple Posts Per Day

Some people are of the view that multiple posts per day on this platform will annoy the users, but this is not the case. People tend to engage more with the brands and businesses that post more. As per the social media analytics, 15 posts per day on this platform are ideal and hence advised. Regular updates also keep your account relevant, as the tweets on the different user feeds have a very short lifespan. A mix of entertainment and education will keep your account relevant and will likely garner more views and retweets.

Brand Voice

It is a known fact that the best house for brand voices for different businesses is Twitter. Tweets that are posted by businesses become an authority and make sure that the consumer gets to know the brand’s core and voice. Even if the brand is forgotten, a few simple tweaks to the account can get it a boost that is not expected on other social media platforms. With the open format, Twitter is the best place that hides nothing about your business.

Account Management

You can find lots of free or not expensive tools that let you monitor the tweets and the user engagement at the same time. Using these tools, you get a complete insight into content engagement. You also get complete information on how people are interacting with your content and whether there is any change required. You can stay in the conversation by adding the relevant keywords and the most popular hashtags to the conversation.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your Twitter profile is your new homepage, as you can easily drive traffic to your website with ease and without any humongous costs involved. Add a URL to your page to your profile and drive traffic seamlessly. As per the social media experts, 47% of the people are likely to click on your website link to get to the landing page. It simply means that you can increase the traffic to your website by many folds by only tweaking your profile.

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