Business5 Practical Tips When Packing Fragile Items

5 Practical Tips When Packing Fragile Items

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a business specializing in sending things to various places across the globe, or if you are packing your home up ready to leave. Getting the right moving company is essential to ensure your goods arrive in the right condition and you, or your customer, is shared that feeling of disappointment.

The good news is that it is possible to pack anything and send it successfully. There are just 5 tips that can help you get it right. 

  1. Use A Logger

Before you even start packing your box you should consider investing in the best data loggers currently available.

Data loggers are small labels that adhere to the front of your parcel. They have a coloured dot on them which changes colour if the box is subject to conditions outside the agreed parameters. For example, if it has an impact, too many parcels are stacked on top of it, or it has been subject to a temperature outside the agreed range.

The dot allows the receiver to see there is an issue with delivery and they can reject the parcel. This makes it easier to claim damages from the courier.

  1. Choose The Right Size Box

A key part of getting any item safely to its destination is to choose a box that fits it as closely as possible. This reduces the likelihood of it moving around in transit and becoming damaged.

Naturally, it is best to choose a box that is slightly bigger than your item, trying to squeeze something into a box that is too small is likely to damage it. 

The right-size box should also have thick walls and be properly sealed underneath. 

  1. Add Packaging

Although the fit will be snug, there will be some space around your item. You need to fill this with packaging that is soft enough not to damage the items in the box but sturdy enough to deflect impacts. The best packaging is generally environmentally friendly and small enough to squeeze around your item into the smallest gaps.

  1. Plenty of labels

After packing the box carefully and sealing everything inside properly, it is important to put large labels on the box. These should clearly display your details, who the parcel is going to, and any other relevant information, such as if the item is fragile.  

  1. Check The Company Reputation

Finally, to complete your packing and do your best to ensure your fragile item gets to its destination in one piece, take a few moments to check out your chosen transport company.

It’s best to speak to several customers that have used the transport service before. You’ll want to verify what they think of the service. If in doubt, you can also check online to see what people have to say about the firm.

While there will always be some negative comments, the majority should be positive helping to convince you they are genuine and worth trying. 

By taking a few moments to check out the available options you’re more likely to get the right one for your needs.

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