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5 Amazing Adventure Activities to do in Gangtok

Gangtok is the ideal time to visit Gingko for all kinds of activities, like sightseeing and activities in the adventure category. Between March and June, the lush Rhododendrons are at their peak. The Himalayan peak in November. At this time of the year, the average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius and is perfect for sightseeing or beautiful outings on Gangtok tours.

You can visit Gangtok between October and February to experience the snowstorm. It is essential to be prepared for unflinching as Gangtok’s temperature tends to drop below 0 degrees Celsius. Gangtok tour packages have been open to all and are awash with diverse cultures and ethnicities.

Gangtok has a variety of escapade activities that make the trip enjoyable. You’re probably wondering what all this might mean. You can try it. You won’t need to be concerned for a while. 

1. Teesta Stream Pushing Texture the adrenaline haste

The Teesta river that runs through the beautiful natural landscape of Sikkim is commonly referred to as”the “lifeline” of Sikkim. It has river rafting close to Gangtok, which is one of the most thrilling experiences.

 When you’re sitting on your raft with your life jacket and rowing oars, you will feel the thrill of adventure. You’ll feel the joy of moving through the rapids and the stunning landscape as you traverse through the stream.

The Gangtok’s Top River Rafting SpotsMakha, near Gangtok, provides an 11km rafting excursion. Triveni point is situated close to the tester market.

2. Paragliding: Fly Overhead Attractive Vales

There aren’t enough activities like flying through the sky, taking in stunning views, and flying like a bird. Paragliding is among the most popular general escapades in Bangkok. It’s a fantastic experience. 

Paragliding can be an exciting, fun, safe, and enjoyable adventure for pilots who are experienced. Paragliding in Gangtok provides one of the stunning views of the Himalayan villages, vales, and the launching of the ridges.

The Top Paragliding Areas Near Gangtok: Tashi View Point Bojoghari Village in Pangthang

3. Hang glide: Fly like a bird!

Paragliding may be similar to paragliding, but hang gliding can be more thrilling and must be performed in Gangtok. Hang gliding is an exciting new adventure sport that is being developed in Sikkim.

 It’s all about the pure enjoyment of flying above valleys, mountains, and vibrant hamlets. Flights with pilots are available for anyone who is a first-time pilot. Experienced adventurers can pass on their own over breathtaking landscapes.

4. Mountain Biking: Don’t Follow the Beaten Track

It’s an excellent method to discover the hidden corners of the country through cycling. Mountain biking is a perfect activity for those who want to be adventurous in Gangtok because of the rough Himalayan terrain and the stunning scenery. 

You’ll be able to meet the people who live there and see breathtaking views along some of the trails in Sikkim. When you pedal through the valleys, you’ll experience the thrill of excitement.

Find the best places to mountain bike close to Gangtok. Sikkim’s beauty can be enjoyed when you ride the Gangtok-Rangpo, Gangtok-Melli, and Gangtok Temp.

5. Trekking: On Wondrous Himalayan Trails

Gangtok is situated inside the Himalayan mountains and is the ideal spot to begin numerous hikes and treks over the stunning mountain passes and peaks. 

Nature is unspoiled and accessible. The tours lead you to tranquil monasteries, serene monasteries, peaceful valleys, and blooming Rhododendrons throughout the spring. 


Gangtok, The heartland of mysterious Sikkim, is among our top spots within the Northeast region of India. It is located at 5410 feet, within the ridges of the Eastern Himalayas; Gangtok is one of the most beautiful places for a trip to Sikkim. Its name Gangtok is a reference to “Top of the Ridge.” 

The city lies on an unforested mountain that has a view of the snowy Kanchenjunga Mountain ranges.

The city offers the most stunning scenery for visitors of all kinds. When you’re there, you’ll find plenty of things to explore in Gangtok and a variety of other attractions that will make you amazed at the bustling capital city Sikkim. We’ve collected the top of them for your next trip to Gangtok.

About Gangtok, the Capital of Sikkim

Gangtok wasn’t always considered the capital city of Sikkim. In the year the Namgyal dynasty came to Sikkim in 1642, Yuksom was declared the capital city of Sikkim. Sikkim was a sovereign state ruled by the monarchy. 

The following years saw Rabdentse named the city as capital from 1670 to 1814, and Tumlong was declared the capital from 1814 until 1894. King Thutob Namgyal relocated Sikkim’s capital Sikkim by 1894 to Gangtok in 1894. 

In 1975 Sikkim received admission to India as a 22nd state. Gangtok was declared to be the capital of Sikkim. While Lepchas constitute the majority of inhabitants of the city, Bhutias and Nepalis constitute a large proportion of the city’s inhabitants. Gangtok tours have been open to all and offer a variety of different cultural and ethnic groups.

How do I get to Gangtok?

Similar to Darjeeling, it is also possible to reach Gangtok by Bagdogra, Siliguri, or NJP. Gangtok is located close to 125 km of NJP and Bagdogra Airport, and it takes about 4 to 5 hours to get there.

Recently, Sikkim has opened its airport in Pakyong. The town is about 22 kilometres away from Gangtok. Pakyong Airport, However, Pakyong airport is not fully operational. It is possible to fly between Kolkata and New Delhi to Pakyong.

Gangtok is located 98 kilometres from Darjeeling, and it takes about 3.5 or four hours of travel to get from Darjeeling toward Gangtok. Kalimpong is about 75 kms (3 hours via vehicle). Private cars can be driven from these regions to Gangtok and vice versa.

Getting Around Gangtok

Taxis that are private and shared are the most well-known method of transportation within and around Gangtok. You can purchase a complete excursion package through local operators or go to the taxi stands in your region and negotiate the cost at your discretion.

Travelling between Gangtok and other regions of Sikkim, there is the option to rent a vehicle or share sumos and jeeps. Buses can also be found within Gangtok. But they’re not as frequent.

There are numerous taxi stops in Gangtok, which are all marked to specific locations. There are a variety of jeeps for shared use that can be accessed from Gangtok, beginning from the Siliguri SNT Bus Stand. Buses can also be found from the Siliguri Bus stand to Gangtok. Jeeps, however, are more comfortable.

Places to Visit in Gangtok

1- M G Marg

Marg M G Marg M G is considered to be the centre of Gangtok and is. It’s a tranquil walking route that is not crowded with vehicles or traffic that is tense and garbage. It’s undoubtedly among the top pleasant places to go to in Gangtok. 

There are numerous restaurants and retail establishments both on the other side of M G Marg and seats between. If you stop by M G Marg, you might realize that you’re in a different part of the city, not a buzzing Indian city.

2- Rumtek Monastery

It is situated about 23 kilometres from the city centre. 

Rumtek monastery is one of the largest located in Sikkim as it is part of the Kagyu sect, founded in the year 1211 of Tibet. The monastery’s architecture can be described as among the most stunning of its kind on the earth and is a replica of the original structure within Tsurphu, Tibet.

From the summit of an incline, there is an incredible panoramic view of Gangtok town and the region of The Buddhist monastery. It houses many of the most precious Buddhist artefacts of the religion in the form of murals on the walls, silk paintings and thangkas (scrolls that feature intricate hand-painted designs), and 1001 miniature gold sculptures of Buddha.

3- Enchey Monastery

The monastery is situated in the northern area of the city, near the highway Nathula-Gangtok; Enchey monastery is around 20 years old. Enchey Monastery means ‘the single temple.’ The small Buddhist monastery is situated amid pines and conifers. 

It was rebuilt by the reign of King 10th Sikkim and was transformed to be the appearance of a Chinese pagoda. 

The entryway to the main shrine is decorated with four Kings representing the cardinal directions that guard the monastery and the whole universe. It is accessible to visitors throughout the day between 6 am and 4 pm. Taxis are available from Gangtok and arrive at Enchey within 15 to 20 minutes.

4- Lingdum or Ranka Monastery

Lindum Monastery or Ranka Monastery is located just 20 km of Gangtok and is considered the most beautiful East Sikkim. Similar to the two other Monasteries, Ranka monastery is also surrounded by forested mountains.

The monastery is located in a vast courtyard that is enclosed by a two-story structure. The stairwell leads you to the second level, the sanctum’s innermost part. It is located, which is adorned with a giant golden Buddha statue.

5- Tashi View Point

Tashi view point offers a stunning sunrise view of the mountains that are covered in snow lit by changing colours. In addition, you can see a glimpse of both Phodong across from the Labrang monasteries.

The top treks around Gangtok. The most popular ones are Sandakphu Trek and Dzongri Trek, Goechala Trek, and Goechala Trek. This Kanchenjunga Trek is an excellent adventure for experienced mountaineers.

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