CBD4 Things You Need for Organized, Effective and Discreet Cannabis Storage 

4 Things You Need for Organized, Effective and Discreet Cannabis Storage 

Who here has that one friend with the messy stash? Their cannabis is all over the place – in old peanut butter jars in the fridge, in pill bottles in the bathroom, under the bed, atop the bookshelf… None of it is organized or labeled. Most of it is dusty and dry at this point. It’s an unmitigated disaster. 

Don’t be like that friend. Instead, put a little thought and effort into how and where you store your cannabis. As you start considering proper storage, keep these essential criteria in mind: 

  • Discretion: You want to keep and carry your bud without being bothered or judged. 
  • Organization: You want to keep multiple strains separate and distinct, so you always know what you’re reaching for. 
  • And probably the most important one is effective maintenance: You want to keep your cannabis away from harmful humidity fluctuations, sunlight and fresh air, ensuring that it stays fresh, potent and flavorful. 

How do you satisfy those criteria? To maintain a discreet, organized and effective cannabis stash, consider the four following items. 

Odor-Proof Baggies

Odor-proof baggies are easy enough to find online, and their modest price tag won’t break the bank. They’re ideal for transporting legal cannabis from one place to another (not across state lines, however – that’s illegal). For instance, you might keep an odor-proof baggie on hand if you’re stopping by the gym or a work function before heading to a party. 

Odor-proof baggies or containers are also handy for when a certain kind of company stops by your home (ahem, in-laws, etc.). 

A Tightly-Lidded, Opaque Storage Container

A tightly lidded, UV-protected container is your baseline for proper storage. It helps ensure that no air or sunlight reaches your stash – both of which can reduce the potency of cannabis over time

Some people prefer a DIY approach, using a clear jar. If you go this route, just make sure to keep the jars in a shaded area of the home. 

Two-Way Moisture Control Packs

Humidity fluctuations can wreak havoc on cannabis. If the relative humidity (RH) is too high, your cannabis can grow mold, rendering it unsafe to smoke. If the RH is too low, your cannabis will dry out, taking all of those terpene-rich trichomes with it. 

Thankfully, the workaround is simple. All you need are a few “keep weed fresh packets,” two-way moisture control packs that maintain an accurate relative humidity inside of a container. These saltwater solution packs suck in moisture when the ambient RH is too high and emit moisture when the ambient RH is too low. The result: perfectly fluffy, sticky, flavorful weed every time.  

Sticker Labels

For less than the price of a coffee, you can keep your stash organized and efficient. The next time you’re at the dollar store (or the stationery aisle of a drugstore), pick up some sticker labels. 

Label each cannabis container according to its contents, going into as much detail as possible. Note the strain, date purchased/packaged, expiry date (if advertised), THC/CBD content (if advertised) and – if you want to get fancy – a few simple “tasting notes.”

With a tight-fitting container, moisture control packs, odor-free travel bags and simple sticker labels, you can turn any disorganized stash into a well-oiled machine. 

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