Guide4 Reasons to Hire a Big Rig Lawyer After a Truck Accident

4 Reasons to Hire a Big Rig Lawyer After a Truck Accident

Finding yourself involved in a vehicle accident is upsetting enough. It becomes significantly more upsetting when that accident involves a semi-truck. There are physical injuries, property damage, and insurance companies to deal with.

Thankfully, you do not have to face this potentially life-altering event alone. A big rig lawyer can help you sort through the aftermath to see peace and healing.

1. Multiple Responsible Parties 

In a typical passenger vehicle accident, there are two parties. This makes determining liability comparably simpler. Either one party or both are responsible.

Unfortunately, things can get significantly more complicated when a big rig truck is one of the vehicles involved. There is you, the driver, the commercial trucking company, and the truck manufacturer. Any and all of these entities could be found liable for violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations in a court of law.

Who is liable will depend on the circumstances surrounding your accident. If you do not file your case correctly, each party could successfully argue innocence, leaving you without recovery. A truck accident lawyer can help you determine who to name in your claim and prepare an argument of liability for each.

2. Extensive Injuries and Loss 

Semi-truck accidents tend to result in significantly greater damages and injuries. There are a few reasons for this. Semi truck accidents tend to happen on highways where vehicle speeds are considerably faster than on local roads.

Big rig trucks and passenger vehicles also have a significant size disparity. When the two collide, the truck causes more damage to the car than the other way around.

Experienced truck accident attorneys are familiar with the type of injuries and damages victims typically experience. They can help you fight for the total compensation you deserve.

3. Case Complexity 

Semi truck accident cases can become complex, with multiple defendants and extensive loss. You need to hire a truck accident lawyer who can dedicate the time and resources necessary to handle such a case. A lawyer has the training and skill to handle all of the elements.

Without a lawyer, you risk missing out on exercising your rights.

4. Insurance Negotiations 

You have enough to deal with after an accident. You also do not need to deal with the insurance company. Hiring a lawyer puts a much-needed buffer between you and the insurance company.

The insurance company will pressure you to accept a settlement amount for your truck accident claim. They make these types of settlements all the time. Your lawyer can advise you on whether the offer is fair or not.

Hire a Big Rig Lawyer

You have enough to deal with after a truck accident. It is important to focus on what is important, healing. When you hire a big rig lawyer, they will handle the legal matters.

Once a lawyer represents you, they can identify liable parties, document injuries, and negotiate with the insurance company. Your lawyer will fight hard for your rights and to compensate you for your injuries.

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