Law4 Positive Impacts of Personal Injury Law on Society

4 Positive Impacts of Personal Injury Law on Society


Personal injury law (sometimes referred to as “tort” law) allows an injured person to file a civil case in court and get a legal remedy (“damages”) for any losses incurred as a result of an accident. 

According to published research on compensation for accidental injuries in the United States, one in every six individuals suffers an injury in an accident that results in quantifiable economic loss. Around one-third of those individuals have a moderate to severe injury, resulting in major financial expenses.

Accident victims’ pursuit for the best compensation usually ends up in them seeking assistance from personal injury attorneys. According to Stewart J Guss, a personal injury attorney, “accident victims understandably want to get compensation for their losses. Personal injury lawyers can help them obtain the required compensation.”

This post discusses the positive impact of personal injury law on society.

  1. Personal injury law has held businesses accountable for workers’ safety and consumer protection.

When corporations seek to mislead customers or push employees to engage in harmful work practices, personal injury law helps injured consumers and workers in initiating claims against these firms. Punitive damages are a particularly effective tactic used by personal injury lawyers to keep corporations on track.

Punitive damages, often known as “exemplary damages,” are financial penalties imposed on businesses for purposeful, malicious, aggressive, repressive, fraudulent, wanton, or excessively negligent actions. In other words, if a court determines that a firm behaved in an especially egregious way, punitive damages will be assessed alongside, or in addition to, a victim’s genuine losses, such as lost earnings, medical costs, etc.

Punitive damages may also be deterrents to future similar forms of behavior. Punitive penalties may be extremely high; after all, punitive damages are unlikely to dissuade future comparable action unless they are huge enough to penalize a corporation severely.

  1. Prevents people from filing frivolous claims

There is a popular misconception that attorneys bring cases whenever a client believes they have been harmed, even if their allegations are without legal basis. On the other hand, professional and experienced personal injury lawyers realize that a lawsuit is not always in their client’s best interests. 

Claims with no validity are often avoided, and even situations in which a client has been damaged for a genuine cause are effectively handled to benefit both parties in the long term.

Personal injury lawyers relieve the load on our legal system in ways that most people are unaware of while also benefiting their clients in the most effective manner possible. 

  1. Helped people get justice

Car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, dog attacks, and medical negligence are all common causes of personal injury. They are often linked to a person’s negligence, which generally leads to severe injury or death for the victim.

Personal injury law has been the tool that has helped victims of such accidents to get justice through compensation. And personal injury law does not only favor people with money to pay lawyers, even people who can’t afford to pay for the claim before a settlement are also covered. 

  1. Personal injury law has removed toxic products from circulation

As previously noted, personal injury attorneys assist in obtaining court judgments that result in removing hazardous items from the market by holding firms responsible. 

Every year, thousands of faulty or harmful items and drugs that do not satisfy consumer safety regulations are recalled in the United States.

Some responsible manufacturers recall unsafe items willingly in response to FDA guidance or after identifying a flaw. In contrast, many others are recalled after customers have been hurt and lawsuits have been filed with the assistance of a lawyer. Without these cases, many more individuals would undoubtedly be hurt by these goods’ flaws before a corporation decided to take action.

The well-known asbestos problem is a perfect example of injury law acting as a tool for change in society. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the beneficial work of personal injury law was significantly responsible for removing this harmful material from buildings and houses.

Final Thoughts

Personal injury law is a tool that people can use to recover from their losses. In addition, people can also hold the negligent party accountable, even if it is a big corporate company, with the help of lawyers. The next time you incur a personal injury, take action instead of ignoring it.

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