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4 great reasons to use a professional relocation team when moving a company

You are enjoying a round of golf when peers in the business world in a very happy mood. It’s always a nice feeling to have completed a task successfully, with it being a boost to see others struggling to carry out such procedures.

But you’re a good sort and want to help, knowing that you hold the upper hand after imparting the tips. You’re happy that you found the perfect solution when it came to what was reputed to be the best moving company Bangkok had to offer and want to tell your business colleague why you recommend such a service for the following 4 reasons.

1. The move was made with the minimum of time by the firm of over 20 years of experience meaning the schedule it would have taken you and your staff was slashed. Customers retained confidence as they wouldn’t have realised that you had relocated if it wasn’t for the information that you sent out. Staff were back at their desks performing their roles before anyone noticed. Downtime can lead to client disharmony if they are let down because of a sustained period of productivity not being carried out to its maximum level.

2. The quick move saved money as you did not have to hire special vehicles. Your transportation team with thousands of moves, including internationally, had the perfect means to move your goods and valuable equipment. Nothing was lost or damaged, the cost of either scenario likely to be financially draining along with the lost hours while awaiting replacements. The expert partners carrying out the procedure will be insured against any accidents, providing you with peace of mind and allowed you time to ponder ways to improve productivity.

3. It was paramount for you to secure the valuable data on your IT systems and the outside expert team did just that, so clients have no need to fear in your handling of such important information.

4. You had considered sticking with your own employees carrying out the relocation, until you read about someone else who thought it was a smart idea without considering the consequences. That led to injuries being sustained as the staff had no prior lifting experience. Strains and event broken toes were collected as one heavy item was dropped on the appendages of an unsuspecting administrator. Worse still was when a vital computer unit slipped through the fingers of a couple of accountants who were eager to assist but were badly found wanting. This led to one employee trying to put in an injury claim, insurance shooting up and a shortage of staff at a valuable period in production. All through a lack of pre-planning and trying to cut financial corners instead of rewarding teams with a cultural evening out for their efforts in their specialist fields.

The services of an experienced professional removal firm saved you, and your business stress, money, inconvenience after a smooth and secure transition with minimum disruption. The least you can do is advise colleagues to consider a similar service. 

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