3 Tips to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

3 Tips to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

In the winter, heat is a priority. You need it to live in relative comfort during the coldest months, especially if you live in a region that sees snow and subzero temperatures. That means you need to pay your heating bill, which can get expensive.

That’s why you must consider money-saving tips that will reduce your heating bill. If your utility bills are lower, you can concentrate more easily on debt reduction strategies to pay off any outstanding loans, credit card debt, or other obligations.

We’ll cover three of our best money-saving strategies that should lower your heating bill in this article. 

1. Lower the Thermostat

During the colder months, you can save money by monitoring the temperature you set on your thermostat during the days. Most experts agree that you should set your temperature at 68 degrees during the day if you’re going to be at home. That’s not exactly toasty warm, but you can also wear a bathrobe, a sweater, or some additional layers if you’re chilly.

You can also turn down the thermostat from 68 if you’re going to be out of the house working for several hours at a time. You might also turn down the temperature if you’re going to sleep. For those hours, you can get under the blankets.

If you reduce the temperature at which you set your thermostat by 10-15 degrees, that can lower your heating bill anywhere from 5-15%. That’s a significant difference, so you can see how closely monitoring the thermostat can help you if you’re intent on keeping that heating bill down during the coldest months.

2. Monitor for Air Leaks

Air leaks are places where warm air escapes from your living space. They might include cracks at the bottom of doors or windows. You might be surprised by the impact air leaks can have on your heating bill.

You can check for escaping air on the premises by holding your hand close to all the cracks and crevices to see if you can detect a draft. Check out the doors and windows and outlets, switches, light fixtures, ceilings, etc. 

If you find places where you believe warm air is escaping, you can often fix it with weatherstripping and caulking. You could also hire a company to spray foam that hardens and seals in warm air if cold air is escaping from your home’s basement. That should save you money on your heating bill for years to come.

3. Cook More

You might not necessarily think of this tip, but cooking can warm your home, at least while the food prep is happening. Microwaving a burrito won’t make much of a difference in heating your house or apartment, but it will make your kitchen and the surrounding rooms warmer if you use the oven.

Using the oven will raise your electricity bill a little bit, but if you were going to cook something for dinner anyway, the heat is a nice trade-off. Plus, you can fill the house or apartment with some pleasant aromas while the oven is on. This way, you get some additional heat without turning up the thermostat.

These Tips Will Save You Money

These tips are proven to save you money on your heating bills during the winter. Try cooking dinner in the oven to heat your living space while also filling it with good smells. Turn down the thermostat if you’re leaving the house for work or you’re going to bed and getting under the covers. 

Play detective by going around your home and checking for places where warm air is escaping. Then, you can implement a DIY solution or hire a company to seal off cracks with hardening foam. 

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