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17 Ways to Upgrade Your Dorm Room Without Getting in Trouble

Your dorm becomes your home during college years. Naturally, you will want to upgrade it to your liking. But most dormitories have the same strict rules. Do not worry. Even with these limitations of creative freedom, there are lots of things you can do. 

Here is the summary of the most common things forbidden in dorms:

  • fire hazards (candles, hotplates, sometimes coffee machines);
  • holes in walls;
  • alcohol substances.

Where There is a Will There’s a Way

So let us see: you cannot light up aroma candles. Not a big deal, you will get an aroma diffuser. No nails in the walls – thumbtacks will do. Making a bar-style exhibition of alcohol bottles was never your plan, was it? So it seems like there is still plenty of room for imagination.

Your dorm is going to be your bedroom where you rest after an active day in college. It is going to be your office where you check out the website for new essay writing ideas. Your dorm is going to be your kitchen where you keep your favorite brain-stimulating snacks. 

In other words, your dorm is your house for the next couple of years. And we know how to make it into a home without getting in trouble.

United We Stand

Divided we fall is not an appropriate ending here. There are tons of DIY improvements for your dorm room. But do you know the best way to make a good first impression on your dorm roommate? Be the first to reach out to them and coordinate your efforts.

  1. Create a symmetrical room

If your tastes and interior preferences are similar, here is a cool idea for you. Create a room where one half looks like a mirror reflection of the second one. Your space will look more cohesive and put-together. As if you hired a designer to create it!

  1. Stick to a color scheme

You and your roommate might also have drastically different tastes. The first suggestion is not an option then. But your space can still look well-coordinated and aesthetic if you stick to the same colors. Even if your part of the room is high-tech whereas your partner’s is Boho, the same combination of colors is a saving boat.

  1. Push your desks together

Such a simple thing will make your room layout more spacious. Pushing your desks together against one wall will give you ‘extra space’ where they come together. It is a perfect place for a printer that does not fit on either of your small tables.

  1. Buy a hand vacuum

Share the costs and buy a hand vacuum. It is a lifesaver for a dorm room. It does not need much space but it can clean up your mess in minutes. You will not regret this purchase. After you graduate, you can resell it to freshers. That’s the way appliances circulate in dorms.

One in the Field and With a Shield

If your roommate is not willing to cooperate, you can conquer the aesthetics alone. We formally divided the ideas for your dorm space into two categories: for boys and girls. However, most of them are unisex. So read both parts to find something that fits you.

Ideas for Boys

  1. Flags or T-shirts

Guys love hanging all types of flags on their walls. From various state flags to personal ones, like a flag of their favorite team. The same goes for T-shirts. A T-shirt from a camp, school, or a family trip. None of these violate the dorm rules – you can use thumbtacks to hang them.

  1. Maps

It can be a USA map. Or a Game of Thrones one. Another popular option is a scratch map where you scratch the countries you have been to. Scotch tape will be enough to hang any of these on your dorm wall without violating any rules.

  1. Old records

This is a life hack for music fans. Vintage pieces of vinyl are easy to hang with push pins or ribbon loops. This wall will be a reflection of your personality. Just by entering your dorm territory, your roommate will be able to see your music preferences.

  1. Camp chair

Dorm rooms are usually not spacious. An extra chair to sit on is nice to have. A camp chair serves this purpose perfectly well. When not needed, you can store it underneath your bed.


  1. Zip-up bedding

Let us face it: boys are usually lazier than girls. And making up your bed may not be your favorite thing to do. Zip-up bedding will be a blessing for you. It is easy to use and it will make your room look neat.

  1. Magnetic cable organizer

Boys are usually big fans of various devices. Each device needs charging. As a result, you have dozens of cables all over your place. A magnetic cable organizer will put an end to this disaster. Besides, this accessory is affordable.

Ideas for Girls

  1. Mirrors

Put a mirror on a desk that is facing the wall. You will immediately notice that the room looks bigger. Creating this visual illusion is easy. Another must is a full-length mirror to look at your outfit. And you do not need extra space on the wall since you can hang it on your door.

  1. Vanity area

Some students find it hard to concentrate when there is someone else in the room. So they prefer studying in the library or a quiet coffee shop next door. If you are one of them, you do not need a desk as such. Turn it into a bedside table with some cosmetics and jewelry on it.

  1. Book ‘statues’

Girls love reading. Why let your favorite books get covered with dust on bookshelves? Grab your Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other fantasy book volumes and build a ‘statue’. For instance, New Year trees made of books are a popular Christmas tendency.

  1. Pocket organizers

They were created by some genius. They can conserve so much space! There are different types for various purposes. You can use pocket organizers to store your college supplies, makeup, or kitchen tools.

  1. Aroma diffusers

Aromatherapy is a great way to relax after a productive day in college. You cannot use aroma candles in a dorm room, though. Luckily, someone invented aroma diffusers. They are perfectly safe for you to enjoy pleasantly scented air. BTW, you can also use natural oils that have certain health benefits: anti-flu or mood-improving.


  1. String lights

They will definitely create a Harry-Potter-type magic atmosphere. You can choose cool or warm lights if you are more conservative. Multi-colored lights make your space look funky.

  1. Curtains

People often underestimate the power of curtains. They create coziness and comfort. And if you buy curtains that match your bedding or carpet, it will be the best decision of your lifetime.

There is No Limit to Perfection

We can keep going on with tips and tricks. Play furniture Tetris. Reupholster an old chair. Use the space under your bed to store books or clothes. If there is still not enough space for all your dresses, use hanger expanders. Buy a rolling cart for your favorite snacks. 

By following all our advice you risk getting into one trouble. You may never want to leave your chic dorm room! But do not worry. You can easily pack all these things and use them again in your new home.

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