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11 Corporate Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Corporate gifts are always appreciated regardless of whether they’re given to celebrate a special occasion or simply show appreciation. You don’t have to choose something expensive; the effort is already enough for the gesture to be well received by your employees. 

Nevertheless, when giving gifts to your employees, don’t think of it as something to cross out of your to-do list. Try to get them something amazing and valuable. Online stores like carry many products that can be perfect corporate gifts for your employees. 

This article lists below 11 corporate gifts your employees will cherish:

  1. Customized Notebook

A notebook helps track daily tasks. Giving one to your employees allows them to be more organized with their responsibilities and agenda. 

While any standard notebook will do, giving customised notebooks makes the gift unique. You can use your employees’ first names or create a monogram of their initials. You can also add your company logo.

  1. Insulated Mug

Your employees likely enjoy drinking coffee or tea while they work. At the very least, they need to drink water. So, an insulated mug is a great corporate gift.  

There’s nothing wrong with a regular mug. Keep in mind though that your employees won’t drink their choice of beverage in one gulp. They may even take hours to finish their drink, especially if they’re caught up in work. 

With an insulated mug, they can keep their drinks warm or cold for a long time. Gifting them an insulated mug is the same as offering them a comfortable drinking experience. You can also customize this item with their names. 

  1. Wireless Charging Stand

Most mobile devices now feature a wireless charging feature that eliminates the need for a wired charger. Users can just place their phones on top of a charging stand. This makes things more convenient because they don’t have to worry about wire compatibility. 

While this gift isn’t necessarily meant to encourage employees to use their phones during work hours, it’s definitely handy.  Even better, your employees can use them at home. 

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The office can get noisy, especially if you have an open floor plan. While this setup can encourage interaction and socialization, not everyone is comfortable working with loud noises. 

To help your employees work and focus better, gift them noise-canceling headphones. You can be sure that it will be appreciated and used well. These headphones peter out any outside noise and let your employees focus on what music they’re playing. Alternatively, they can just put on the headphones without playing music and enjoy a quiet environment as they work. 

  1. Snack Box

If you allow your employees to eat inside the production floor, then you can gift them a snack box. Giving them a snack box allows them to have a quick munch in case they get a bit hungry before their designated break time. 

There are plenty of things you can include inside a snack box. For starters, you can add a variety of nuts, popcorn, crackers, chocolates, candies, or some gluten-free assortment. You can let your employees munch them in one go or put them in reusable containers for proper storage. 

  1. Seat Cushion

Working in an office for hours can cause body pains, especially in the back. Even if your office already uses ergonomic chairs, it’ll be helpful if you provide extra cushion to keep your employees comfortable during the entire shift. With them being comfortable, chances are they can be more productive. They don’t have to deal with any physical discomfort as they sit in front of their computer. 

  1. Wine Tasting Box

While it’s something they take home, a wine-tasting box is a fantastic corporate gift. This allows your employees to expand their wine collection and find a new favorite. It doesn’t have to be too grand; something small with at least three different flavors will suffice. You can even add a variety of cheese to complete the wine-tasting experience. 

  1. Fitness Class Voucher

Most people would like to try fitness classes, but something is holding them back. They may be afraid of going outside their comfort zone. Some may find it hard to justify spending money to enroll in a fitness class. To help your employees get started and find the best course that’ll suit their fitness goals, you can give them a fitness class voucher. With this gift, they can enroll in a free trial class and see if the course is the perfect option. 

  1. Clothing Gift Card

For employees who love dressing up, you may give them a clothing gift card of their choice. Ask first what brands they prefer. If you want the gift to be a surprise, then you can choose the brand you think fits their style. With a gift card, you don’t have to shop and think about what type of clothing they want or even their size. It’s convenient for you and pleasurable for your employees, especially those who indulge in retail therapy. 

  1. Indoor Plant

Placing indoor plants inside the office can bring life into the production floor. To add to the greenery, you may gift indoor plants to your employees. There’s no need to go big on this one. Choose a potted plant that they can put on their desks. You can choose a beautiful pot and an indoor plant that’s easy to care for. For example, you can give them a cactus, which doesn’t need any sunlight to survive. 

  1. Field Jacket

It’s common for companies to give hoodies or jackets as their corporate gift to their employees. While they’ll work fine, you might want to spruce it up a bit by giving them something more functional and sophisticated at the same time. A field jacket works perfectly, as they can use it anywhere. It includes multiple pockets, making it utilitarian. Even so, they look fashionable and beautiful. 


You won’t run out of ideas when it comes to corporate gifts. There are plenty of amazing corporate gift choices that your employees will surely love. With the several options discussed above, you’ll surely find what best fits your employees. To make things personal, you can customize some products. Corporate gifts are great for conveying appreciation, commending excellent performance, and building a stronger bond with your employees. 

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