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10 ways to promote your business with Tiktok short videos

Medium and long videos like Youtube or Facebook watch is a great source of entertainment (more than 3 minutes); but now the ‘instant noodles’ of video industry is rising ahead in the race. 

Ignite the race with Tiktok, its trendy Tiktok clips singing, dancing or lip syncing encourage other players to join. Youtube launch its feature Youtube Shorts, Instagram releases Instagram Reels, Stories; Facebook Stories in response to Tiktok. Though each has their own specifics and give different experience, all is striving to offer better engagement for users on their platforms.

Tiktok alone has merely 690 millions users worldwide, and available in 155 countries. This is a good moment to consider your business marketing strategy with this new weapon.

There are 10 ways SMEs can put into brainstorm sessions. There are a lot of successful case studies using short videos.

Solve customers’ problems

The first 3-second is important to impress your potential customers, and then you can lead them to a solution for their problem with just under 30 seconds. It was impossible 3 years ago before only ads and TVCs last less than half minute then, it’s unnatural for a person to watch these short videos. Now with trendy short videos on Tiktok, you can smartly lead people know more about your business.

Educate while entertain your audience

This is not a long education session, in each short Tiktok videos, you can just insert a small piece of knowledge so it is easier to digest. The point is you are showing up to be helpful, this is a good way to build trust and convert leads to customers in the future.

If you don’t want to build a Tiktok channel from scratch, you can buy Tiktok accounts and develop from there.

Showcasing your portfolio/profession

Many professionals have their Tiktok channels and regularly release videos related to their professions showing their ability. People tend to admire experts in a field, and love to discover what’s new to them. 

Daily updates

Show up as regularly as possible to your audience, they need to know that your business is still available, when they or their acquaintances are in demand, they can remember and refer you. You can update your new products features, policies, new promotion programs…

Reviewing experience using your product/service

You can use in-house staffs to review your own products or contact with influencers to promote.

This is an intuitive way to experience your products before they even touch it physically. It’s better than static photos in depicting.

Convert leads to landing page

Short videos may not contain enough info, so in some case it’s good to convert them to your website to thoroughly learn more about products. On the site, you can give them promotion. Stories is a good choice in this case, you can save it in Highlight for future customers.


Everyone loves unboxing, it is the experience of possessing a new product. Viewers have same feeling of the unboxing reviewer. That’s a fantastic way to boost your customer loyalty and experience.


Giveaway or contest is good way to encourage people to engage in your brand. Everyone loves present and winning. If you done right, it will be spreading for their friends.

How products are made

This is the era of transparency, people love to know more about your business over competitors. If you show them how your products are made, what technology is used, how the process is managed and assured.. This could be a plus in your customer journey decision.

Share your success story

Inspiring people with your success story on Tiktok is a good way to get their attention, build trust and loyalty. In some business model, the team behind the business is important factor affecting the service quality.

Start with Tiktok Business

Tiktok Business is a way to get found. Tiktok Business helps you set up ads, approach right people. Tiktok users are highly engaged, ready to share fun and interesting content to their friends.

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