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10 Best Ways to Boost Your Everyday Creativity

Many believe that creativity comes in bursts. People sit around for hours and suddenly get an epiphany that sends them going. Those depending on creativity in everyday life know that’s not the case. This skill has to be developed and trained just as attentiveness or time management. There are many reasons to maintain creativity.

For some, it’s an integral part of their current job. Others want to become more creative for career growth and new job opportunities. Whatever the reason, there are several ways of training a creative mindset. Today you’ll learn all about them.

  1. Ask For Feedback

Improved creativity doesn’t have to come only from within. Your peers and colleagues can be a fantastic source of inspiration. It’s the same as asking a professional, “How well did I write my admission essay?” to get a better result. Ask them for honest feedback on the work you do, and it will greatly hone your skills. It also keeps people on track with the assignments.

It’s important to find peers from your field of work. They have to be able to criticize work in a helpful and genuine way. Their advice can be essential in raising creativity levels. Additionally, it helps improve your professional skills.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Learning something new is one of the best ways of increasing creativity. It can be anything from learning DIY skills to studying a new language. A stagnant mind can’t find new solutions and reverts to trodden paths. Exposing yourself to fresh ideas and concepts is a great way to expand and develop the mind. You can:

  • Take a free online course
  • Work on a personal project
  • Read a book on a new subject

Whatever you choose, learning new things is a proven way of sharpening creativity skills.

  1. Change The Surroundings

Sticking to a routine can suck the creativity out of your system. That’s why it’s important to change things from time to time. Change your regular coffee or put some new nick-nacks on the table. In some cases, completely rearranging the workspace will give you a new outlook on the work process.

These changes can concern social surroundings as well. If possible, switch from one workplace to another. It’s also beneficial to have lunch with people from different departments. Of course, you can’t control the work environment completely. But, every slight adjustment can bring significant gains to the table.

  1. Create The Right Conditions

Working comfortably is an important part of staying productive and creative. To make the best of each workday, choose the right music, lighting, and location. Some work in complete silence, while others depend on classical compositions for creativity. Even the fact that you stand or sit when working can make an impact.

The time of work should also be considered. If you are more productive and creative while most people are asleep – do the work then. Of course, not everybody is an early bird, and there are enough night owls out there. Many find the typical 9-5 schedule to their benefit. Find a work timetable that suits you and stick to it.


  1. Don’t Overwork

Creativity is definitely something you should work at. But, it’s important not to exhaust yourself too much. Sometimes people hit a brick wall when working on a problem for hours. When this happens, it’s better to take a break. 

Take a walk, grab some snacks, or watch a YouTube video. Whatever takes your mind completely off the task. This way, one can unwind their mind and come up with new ideas. Sometimes the most logical thing to do is go with the first option.

  1. Don’t Forget To Unplug

Staying productive and creative can be tiresome because of the many distractions. Notifications, emails, calls, and other things can wreck the imagination. It’s important to rest from those things if you want to stay creative. If possible, make the workspace free of any devices or distractions. This way, the creative flow will go unhindered and improve the quality of work.

  1. Exercise

Stress and pressure often hinder creative abilities. Any form of exercise is a great way of clearing the mind and making it easier to approach new tasks. This can be anything from going on a stroll or doing aerobics for half an hour. This is backed by numerous studies. 

Not only will you become more creative, but your brain also functions better after an exercise session. Next time you’re overwhelmed and can’t find a solution, get your heart pumping. Creativity will return in no time.

  1. Find A Job You Enjoy

Working at a job one’s passionate about automatically makes people more effective problem solvers. It also increases their productivity and creativity when coming up with new ideas. If this is impossible, find a hobby that unlocks your imaginative side. One can pick up painting, play the guitar, solve puzzles or do embroidery.

  1. Work On Creativity

Waiting for inspiration to strike is a common mistake made by many people. They don’t think that creativity is something to be developed and sharpened. That’s why it’s important to spend time on creative thinking. People with jobs that require a lot of creativity have to actively work on it for some time every day.

Carving out 15 minutes of work time to work on this skill may seem strange at first. But, it helps concentrate on finding imaginative decisions instead of coming to them at random, for example, coming up with a better solution after the work was already finished.

  1. Work With Others

In many situations, the saying that two heads are better than one rings true. To keep oneself inspired, it’s vital to work on projects with colleagues. There are times when it’s hard to find solutions on your own. Collaborating with peers can greatly increase creativity levels, especially if you have had trouble with something for a while.


Like everything in life, creativity doesn’t fall from the sky. Maintaining it on a daily basis requires constant work, the right conditions, and sometimes the help of others. The main idea is not to push yourself too hard and take breaks from time to time. Forcing it won’t do any good. Maintain a positive attitude and practice these tips daily. Remember: consistency is key.

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